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With GlobalSuite® Whistleblowing channel you can communicate any potentially irregular activity or conduct that may involve a breach of the Code of Conduct or a criminal offense; a simple questionnaire, a single software and total confidentiality.

Mapping of the actions carried out for the management of communication
Monitoring and management of the status of each requirement
Creating two-way comments
Adaptation of the software for the management of internal or external equipment with total independence and without conflicts of interest

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Creating complaints

Simple and intuitive reporting – When filing a report, the user is guided step-by-step to help complete the process.

GDPR compliant and maximum IT security

We believe in security as a differentiating element in the search for trust by our customers.

Channel Management

Simple and intuitive management of the solution with all the necessary features.

Specialized support

Specialized customer support to support you in any doubt if you need it

Personalization and branding

Add your company’s corporate logo and colors.

Editing access to complaints

Possibility to enable access to the platform for total control.

File attachment

The solution allows you to attach files or documents to accompany the communication by users

Possibility of creating reports by telephone

Possibility of enabling a telephone number to process communications by telephone.

Statistics viewing by company

Complete reports with all the details of what is happening to take control.

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What it is a whistleblowing channel?

The Complaints Channel is a tool that allows to communicate, confidentially and with a simple form, the activities and behaviors that can constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct and / or the possible commission of a criminal offense. The companies that need an ethical channel are:

On September 13, 2022, the Council of Ministers of Spain approved the Draft Law regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory and anti-corruption infringements with the aim of being able to contribute to the fight against corruption by transposing Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of European Union (EU) law (hereinafter Directive Whistleblowing).

With the entry into force of the new law, in addition to those mentioned above:

    • Administrations and entities of the public sector.
    • Companies of 50 or more workers.
    • Companies with an annual turnover of 10 million euros or more.
    • Companies of any size operating in the financial sector.
    • Political parties, trade unions, employers and foundations.
  • Those with less than 50 public employees or with less than 10,000 inhabitants, may share with the Administration of secondment the internal information system and the resources destined to investigations and procedures, guaranteeing the independence and separation of the channels of each entity.
  • The law allows outsourcing the management of the complaints channel to a third party, with legal authorization in article 116.4 f) of the Law on Public Sector Contracts. This management may only consist of receiving, triaging and communicating to the competent body the receipt of complaints.
  • The decisions adopted by public bodies with functions of investigation of complaints will not be appealable in administrative channels, but before the Independent Authority for the Protection of the Informant, before the external channel that is created.
  • Legal services of the company or organization.
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Competent body in the case of Administrations and public sector entities.
  • Responsible Delegate of Data Protection or in charge of the treatment.
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Fully adaptable to your business
  • 1+user
  • 200+Mb+Storage
  • Security+and+confidentiality
  • Traceability+throughout+the+process
  • Unlimited+nonunciations
  • Customizable+form
  • Suitable+for+GDPR
  • Encrypted+communications
  • Safety+and+continuity+best+practices
  • Unlimited+users
  • 1GB+Storage
  • Security+and+confidentiality
  • Traceability+throughout+the+process
  • Unlimited+nonunciations
  • Customizable+form
  • Suitable+for+GDPR
  • Encrypted+communications
  • Safety+and+continuity+best+practices
  • Multidioma
  • Anonymization+of+complaints**
  • Corporate+channel+customization
  • Investigation+procedure
  • Webinar+training
  • ADFS+integration
A relationship of trust begins with transparency in security.

From GlobalSuite Solutions we believe in security as a differentiating element in the search for trust by our customers. That is why our services and processes have been born taking into account this requirement since its design.

GDPR Compliance
Data center – Located in the European Union

The whistleblowing channel at a glance
The GlobalSuite® ethical channel software allows the implementation of an ethical channel for the integral management of possible irregularities of a company in order to comply with the regulations.

The platform allows companies, both internally and externally, to manage communications of possible criminal acts in a completely confidential manner and with the seal of guarantee offered by GlobalSuite certifications® in terms of Security, Continuity, Service Management and Quality.

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