Whistleblower Channel

What is a reporting channel and what does it bring to your company?

The Complaints Channel is a tool that allows you to communicate, confidentially and with a simple form, the potentially irregular activities and behaviors that may constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct and/or the possible commission of a crime penal.


The companies that need an ethical channel are:

1. COMPANIES currently forced

Companies that want to implement a system of crime prevention, criminal risks and anti-bribery

Subjects required to detect money laundering

2. With the decree approved by the European Union in 2019, they will soon be obliged to

Companies of 50 or more workers.

Companies with an annual turnover of 10 million euros or more.

Companies of any size that operate in the financial sector

''Establish a channel for the communication of irregularities and get management and monitoring of your complaints''


Discover our reporting channel software

GlobalSUITE allows the implementation of an ethical channel for the integral management of the possible irregularities of a company.

The platform allows companies both internally and externally to manage communications of possible criminal acts in a completely confidential manner and with the seal of guarantee offered by GlobalSUITE’s certifications in terms of Security, Continuity, Service Management and Quality.

Creating complaints
Complaint Management
Channel Management
Life cycle tracking
State management
Editing access to complaints
File attachment
Possibility of two-way comments
Statistics viewing by company


The app allows you to leave traceability of the actions carried out for the management of communication, which is appropriate on the one hand as proof of the proper functioning of the system implemented in the company before any judicial claim and, on the other hand, in the case of communication to the authorities, as evidence of the actions taken for the knowledge of the facts and actions of the investigation and in its case compensation for the damage.

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The tool allows monitoring of the status of each requirement, as well as being able to communicate with control tracking tools, liaison with system documentation and perfect definition of states and objectives to control the Compliance.

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