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GlobalSUITE continuity plan software is the software that facilitates the implementation, management, maintenance and deployment of Business Continuity Management Systems according to ISO 22301 in case of any aspect related to business continuity and disaster recovery. A platform that allows to formally define the scope and objectives, the committees and people involved, to perform an initial GAP to see the level of maturity, among other aspects of continuity.

Risk Analysis and Management

It allows to identify, analyze, evaluate and manage all risks that affect the company. Special module to parameterize methodologies, calculations, levels, etc.

Business Impact Analysis

Key module in Business Continuity where you can configure, develop, and consolidate multiple BIAs for different companies or business groups.

Continuity Plans

The software allows to create, maintain and manage the necessary plans to manage continuity planning and respond to possible incidents.

Process Management

It makes it possible to define the structure of the organization, based on the products and services, business processes and functionalities of the SGCN.

Test Plans

Performing type tests and variable scope, analysis of conclusions following the tests carried out and review of the continuity plans implemented.

Meeting minutes

Record of actions of the security committee, automatic sending of minutes of all attendees via mail and automatic saving in the document manager.

Document Manager with document life-cycle embedded

It allows the control of all the documentation, in different formats, to support the management of the continuity of the company.

Claims and Satisfaction

The platform allows to align, prioritize, track and plot each of the claims for the satisfaction of the company’s customers.

Balanced Scorecard and Dashboards

The comprehensive dashboard enables the management and strategic control of the organization through different metrics and indicators.

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Gracias al enfoque integrado de GlobalSUITE®, se puede aprovechar la base de la solución para crecer con los distintos módulos y herramientas que componen la plataforma, y de esa manera tomar ventaja de las sinergias y el correspondiente ahorro de costes y tiempo. La plataforma puede ser licenciada de forma integrada o bien separadamente cada uno de sus productos.

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Continuity for any area of the organization

GlobalSUITE enables organizations to set up threat and risk catalogues according to the different approaches they are going to follow for their Risk Framework (Asset Categories to be considered, threats and vulnerabilities, risk mitigation treatment or measures).

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Solve common Continuity issues

It allows to formally define the scope and objectives, the committees and people involved,perform an initial GAP to see the level of maturity in continuity, etc.


Business Continuity Consulting and Auditing

Are you aware of the risks your organization is facing?

Thanks to the recommendations and guidelines issued in the international standard ISO 31000, our Risk Map Service (or Integrated Risk Management) will contribute towards the reduction and elimination of the likelihood for threats to materialize, which would affect the achievement of your organization’s objectives.

Our team has more than 15 years of experience and is formed by:


  • Lawyers and engineers
  • Lead Auditor, ISO 27001, ISO 20000,ISO 22301, Lead Implementer.
  • DPD Certification
  • PMP, ITIL, CDPP, COBIT 5 Foundations

Don't leave your Organization's Continuity to chance

The phases of the project for the implementation and subsequent certification of your SGCN are:

  • Initial evaluation and establishment of the GSCc.
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Analysis and Risk Management.
  • Strategies for continuity and implementation and operation of the GSCC.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Training Plans.
  • Testing, Validation and Monitoring of the SGCN.
  • Certification of the SGCN. (Optional, at the customer’s choice).

Also remember that we can align ISO 22301 with tale standards such as ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, among others.

Implementing this standard in your organization provides the following benefits:

Improves your organization’s image.

Improved security and management of your company.

Improved incident response.

Higher quality of its services.

Satisfaction of its customers.

Availability of your services.

Lower cost of incidents or disasters.

The key to SGCN implementation projects is Business Impact Analysis. Once the analysis is done, we will have concrete data on how long we can be without providing our services and what will be the impacts (economic, image, legal, operational, etc.) that could affect us.

One of the most important stages of a GSGCN is to have crisis management procedures that help the organization respond with solvency to the occurrence of an incident that could jeopardize the continuity of its activities. Testing these procedures, as well as the full continuity plan and its recovery plans, is one of the main tasks in a continuity drill.

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What is a business continuity plan and what does it bring to your company?

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a document consisting of the critical information a company needs to recover and restore its critical functions partially or completely interrupted within a time after an unwanted incident or disaster.

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