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Cybersecurity solutions adopted for your business. With GlobalSuite® allows you to develop the complete risk assessment cycle (Risk Identification, Analysis and Assessment) based on ISO 31000:20018. It is the perfect risk management software to integrate into your organization.
It implements the most effective ISO standards for computer security such as ISO 27001 for information security.

Analysis and control of uncertainty to keep risks under control
Efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment plan
Monitoring the application and result of the controls
Establishment of traceability, monitoring and continuous improvement processes.


Risk Identification

Service and process guidance through asset inventory. Configuration of dimensions and valuation levels.

Risk Management

Catalogue of configurable controls and summary of them, management settings, risk reassessment, parameterizable questionnaires.

Risk Analysis

Parameterization of probability and impact, risk assessment, cost analysis, asset threats and configurable.

Risk Assessment

Definition of acceptable risk, acceptable risk levels, risk listing, risk map, simultaneous or dependent risks.

Customizing parameters

It allows you to parameterize threats and risks, fields tailored in risk analysis, templates of predefined methodologies, fields for asset valuation, etc.

Risk Catalogues

The platform has multiple risk catalogues: Legal, Operational, Reputation, Environmental, ICT, etc.

Integration with Power BI

It exploits GlobalSUITE data to the maximum® by making an executive dashboard in a Business Intelligence tool such as PowerBI

Documentary Manager

It allows the control of all the documentation, in different formats, to support the management of the continuity of the company.

Balanced Scorecard

The comprehensive dashboard enables the management and strategic control of the organization through different metrics and indicators.

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Cyberrisk Consulting and Auditing

Is your organization protected from cyber threats?

The risk of receiving a cyberattack means for our company a financial loss, theft of confidential information, business interruption or reputational damage.

At GlobalSuite Solutions we work with the continuous management of cyber risks and the planning of actions to reduce them so that your organization is protected against cyber threats.

Technologies and working methods have created a new world of threats that, if materialized, become catastrophes and lead to consequences that can be devastating.

What does the correct management of Cyberrisk provide?

Adapting to technological environments the recommendations of the international isO 31000 risk management standard, the cyber risk service aims to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of cyberthreats occurring and minimize their impacts in the event of an occurrence, facilitating the achievement of your organization’s goals.

Through the continuous improvement cycle (PDCA cycle) you can analyze, manage and monitor all those risk situations that can affect your company.

Following further the recommendations of the international ISO 31000 risk management standard, the Cyberrisk Management Service includes in its implementation the cycle of continuous improvement (PDCA cycle) that manages to analyze, manage and monitor all those cyber risk situations that can affect your organization.

Among the main benefits of an implementation of a Cyber Risk System, we can highlight the following:

  • Improves the identification of opportunities and threats.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Increased security and confidence that helps in loss prevention and incident management.
  • Decreased losses.
  • Improves efficiency and operational efficiency
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The solution at a glance
Thanks to the integrated approach of GlobalSuite®, you can take advantage of the foundation of the solution to grow with the different modules and tools that make up the platform, and thus take advantage of the synergies and the corresponding savings in costs and time. The platform can be licensed in an integrated form or separately from each of its products.
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