Advanced services
With our team of professionals and the globalSUITE software® we facilitate a correct management in the implementation, centralization, automation, monitoring and traceability of your management system.
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GlobalSUITE Advanced Services®

Accompaniment throughout the project

Nuestros expertos con experiencia (técnica y consultoría), acompaña en el desarrollo de los proyectos para facilitar la transferencia de conocimiento.

Turnkey projects

El cliente recibe un entorno optimizado, con su marco ya configurado, listo para comenzar a trabajar.

Monitoring and maintenance

Access and control of monitoring of remote management systems. Performing updates, modifications, installations, etc.

Advanced training at GlobalSUITE®

El cliente dispone de cursos formativos destinados a profundizar los conocimientos sobre el software y los diferentes módulos.

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Phases of the implementation project
Kick off of the project
Parameterization and configuration
Data upload / Migration
Training and accompaniment
Support and maintenance
Common company challenges

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