GlobalSuite® for Fintech Companies
Develop an effective strategy to manage compliance specific to Fintech companies and mitigate and monitor critical risks.

Face the challenges of the Fintech sector

The challenges facing banking are multiple and of different nature, this sector is one of the most regulated environments and with special attention in risk management.

This poses an ongoing challenge for these companies that must work to have full control over the protection of privateinformation, compliance withregulations, regulations, international and local standards. With this complex landscape, the banking sector faces more than ever great challenges around the world.

Fintech sector: How we can help you

From GlobalSuite Solutions we provide solutions in fundamental aspects in the Fintech sector to accompany you in the fulfillment of the challenges and challenges that you are currently facing in terms of regulation and risk management.

Hand in hand with our GlobalSuite® solution for fintech and our consulting and audit services specialized in the Fintech sector you can develop an effective strategy to:

Identify and mitigate risks

Fintech companies continually face multiple risks. We help you identify and mitigate them with our GRC Plus solution. More than a GRC.
It avoids possible damage to the reputation of your Fintech and ensures that your company is not sanctioned with fines for legal or regulatory non-compliance causing enormous damage to the reputation of your company.

Compliance and specific regulations

Mexico: Fintech LAW CNVB

Chile: Fintech Bill, RAN Standards for Banks, Banking Subsidiaries, Bank Draft Support Companies and Issuers, and Payment Card Operators

Ecuador: Organic Law of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, LOPDP Law of mandatory compliance

Argentina: Law on Support for Entrepreneurial Capital. Resolution of the CNV, Art. 207 of the Law of Productive Financing Communications “A” 6859 and 6885, Technical and Security Requirements for Means of Payment, Resolution UIF 300/2014, Data Protection., Anti-fraud Regulations

Peru: Regulation of Novel Models of the SBS, ASA Method, Data Protection – Law 29733

ISO Standards, International Standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 22301, ISO 27031, ISO 14001, ISO 28000, PCI-DSS, COSO ERM, ISO 9001, ISO 45001

More than 15 years of experience offering GRC solutions

We have more than 15 years of experience offering specialized consulting and auditing to companies in the Financial sector for legal and voluntary compliance derived from norms and laws of different countries, as well as international standards of risk management, security or business continuity. Our consultants help implement, audit, train, advise to certify and accredit all types of companies and organizations.


What makes us different?

All-in-one GRC solution. More than a GRC. Solve all your compliance, risk management, security, privacy, business continuity and audit challenges.

100% security in compliance with specific laws applicable to Fintech

Time savings in all processes of up to 40% which translates into cost savings.

Identify and manage your company’s Risks.

Assess risks with automatic maps and dashboards.

Build treatment and risk management plans with workflows.

Identify threats and vulnerabilities.

Facilitate work between departments with common surveys and modules.

Assist in the making of well-informed business decisions by checking the most up-to-date information on dynamic dashboards in real time.

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