UnE criminal compliance 19601

What is Penal Compliance and what does it bring to your company?

Criminal Compliance is the set of preventive tools, which aims to ensure that business is carried out within the legal and ethical frameworks of the organization.

The implementation of a Criminal Compliance Management System (SGCP) aims to increase the criminal risk or prevention of criminal risks of an organization through a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at reducing or eliminating the occurrence of actions that have punishable legal consequences.

Risk identification is key in the GSPs and should therefore include a detailed map of all possible criminal risks in each of the areas of your organization, taking into account the causes and consequences thereof. Once your organization’s criminal risk analysis is done, an action plan will be proposed to reduce or eliminate your level of risk.

''An SGCP is the only way to achieve the exempt or mitigating case of liability of the legal person''


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With GlobalSUITE you can implement a criminal compliance program in your organization for the management of controls and risk in an easy and simple way as established by Circular 1/2016 of the State Attorney General’s Office, on the criminal responsibility of individuals establishes the importance of a “Crime Prevention Plan having a computer management system that allows for an adequate and effective assessment and management of the criminal risk of the company”. Therefore, these systems should allow monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the compliance programs implemented. The ability to detect punishable conduct through the proper application of Compliance programs and their denunciation to the authorities can be considered as exempt from the criminal liability of the legal person.

Definition of frames

This option allows the correct orientation of the service and processes, the definition of the inventory of assets, configuration of dimensions, objective levels to be achieved, etc.

Differential Analysis

Conduct gap analysis against different regulatory frameworks and know the initial status regarding the compliance of your organization.

Adequacy Plan

Based on the results of the compliance analysis, an adequacy/compliance plan is proposed with the possibility of assigning each task its dates, resources and managers.

Continuous management

Monitoring the situation of each requirement, communication with monitoring tools, system documentation.


An initial audit is performed to view the status of the situation and an internal audit to ensure compliance with any standard.

Optional modules

The software can be integrated with existing tools in the organization and include the CMDB module and Analysis and Risk Management.

Document Manager with document life-cycle embedded

It allows the control of all documentation, in different formats and with version control, to support the integral management of the security of your organization.


The software has surveys to assess the compliance status of each standard.

Data consolidation

GlobalSUITE – Penal Compliance makes it possible to include any previous data through the data consolidation option.

Adequacy plans

Following the results of an initial analysis, GlobalSUITE proposes an adequacy plan in which the level of compliance for each task is displayed through a follow-up and facilitating corrective actions to prevent deviations.

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Differential Analysis

At the beginning, an initial audit is conducted to see the status of the situation and an internal audit to ensure compliance with any standards by your organization

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Criminal Compliance Consulting and Auditing

We help you monitor and monitor your organization through periodic verification of your model.

A correct implementation of a Criminal Compliance Management System prevents the occurrence of the same, improves the image and reputation of the company, serves as a possible mitigation or exempt from the criminal responsibility of the legal person. With GlobalSUITE Solutions we provide you with consulting and auditing throughout the process:

Our team has more than 15 years of experience and is formed by:


  • Lawyers and engineers
  • Lead Auditor, ISO 27001, ISO 20000,ISO 22301, Lead Implementer.
  • DPD Certification
  • PMP, ITIL, CDPP, COBIT 5 Foundations

With the implementation of an SGCP you will know at all times the level of protection of your organization for each of the crimes established by the Penal Code

GlobalSUITE has developed a methodology for the implementation of SGCP based on the Reform of the Criminal Code, Codes of Good Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, ISO 19600 – Compliance Management and ISO 37001: Management System Anti-corruption. Our function is to prepare your company to implement the SGCP through a face-to-face consulting service adapted to each organization, having from the beginning the management of your organization. A consolidated working methodology thanks to the implementation for 10 years of more than 300 management systems makes project management help to achieve success.

Implementing the SGPD in your organization has the following benefits:

  • Prevents the occurrence of crimes
  • Improves the company’s image and reputation
  • Possible mitigation or exempt from the criminal liability of the legal person
  • Having it in one tool makes it easy to implement and maintain.

An SGCP requires analyzing criminal risks, taking into account:

  • The activities of the organization and its locations, in all business areas, likely to generate risks of commissioning criminal offences.
  • Other risks that are not specifically related to your activity, but that may lead to the commission of criminal offences.
  • The identification of activities carried out by managers, administrators, employees or collaborators, from which a criminal, intentional or reckless imputation may arise.
  • Activities carried out by third parties.
  • Activities developed by stakeholders.
  • Legislation and reference regulations Reform of the Criminal Code 2015.
  • Codes of good corporate governance. Corporate social responsibility.
  • ISO 19600: Compliance Management System.
  • ISO 37001: Anti-Corruption Management System.

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