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Discover our Compliance Software, con GlobalSUITE’s legal, contractual and regulatory compliance management tool. You can establish adequacy plans aligned with the established requirements, conduct GAP Analysis against any regulatory framework, follow up with alert control, etc.

Definition of frames

This option allows the correct orientation of the service and processes, the definition of the inventory of assets, configuration of dimensions, objective levels to be achieved, etc.

Differential Analysis

Conduct gap analysis against different regulatory frameworks and know the initial status regarding the compliance of your organization.

Adequacy Plan

Based on the results of the compliance analysis, an adequacy/compliance plan is proposed with the possibility of assigning each task its dates, resources and managers.

Continuous management

Monitoring the situation of each requirement, communication with monitoring tools, system documentation.


An initial audit is performed to view the status of the situation and an internal audit to ensure compliance with any standard.

Optional modules

The software can be integrated with existing tools in the organization and include the CMDB module and Analysis and Risk Management.

Document Manager with document life-cycle embedded

It allows the control of all documentation, in different formats and with version control, to support the integral management of the security of your organization.


The software has surveys to assess the compliance status of each standard.

Data consolidation

GlobalSUITE – Compliance makes it possible to include any previous data through the data consolidation option.

GlobalSUITE de un vistazo

Gracias al enfoque integrado de GlobalSUITE®, se puede aprovechar la base de la solución para crecer con los distintos módulos y herramientas que componen la plataforma, y de esa manera tomar ventaja de las sinergias y el correspondiente ahorro de costes y tiempo. La plataforma puede ser licenciada de forma integrada o bien separadamente cada uno de sus productos.

Adequacy plans

Following the results of an initial analysis, GlobalSUITE proposes an adequacy plan in which the level of compliance for each task is displayed through a follow-up and facilitating corrective actions to prevent deviations.

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Constant tracking

The tool allows monitoring of the status of each requirement, as well as being able to communicate with control tracking tools, liaison with system documentation and perfect definition of states and objectives to control the Compliance.

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What is compliance and what does it bring to your company?

Compliance is a set of procedures and actions organizations take to identify and order the operational and legal risks they face every day. On the other hand, Compliance consists of including mechanisms and actions for its prevention, management and control.

Due to the growing number of regulations and the need for operational transparency, organizations need to include a number of controls to ensure proper regulatory compliance. A minimum guarantee that all governance requirements are being properly met is important.

''Our Compliance service includes an initial first audit to see your organization's status of status''