Distribution models

Discover the GlobalSuite® option that best suits your company

The implementation will be the simplest: this change is also managed by us

The platform is designed to accompany the growth of organizations adapting to the current needs of each company. The solution can be licensed with three types of options in annual subscription mode and in purchase version.

SaaS Cloud GlobalSuite®

Software as a Service in the GlobalSuite® infrastructure

  • Cost reduction
  • Simple migrations
  • Access from any point
  • Quick and easy initial deployment
  • Flexibility in sizing
  • Immediate updates and new features
  • Agile and fast support in implementing fixes
  • Less effort by IT departments
  • ecological

Dedicated Cloud SaaS

GlobalSuite’s individual dedicated cloud infrastructure®

  • Platform updates, new features and enhancements
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Includes all the necessary tasks for the correct deployment of GlobalSuite® in Dedicated SaaS in GlobalSuite Solutions facilities
  • Maintenance and support

Virtual Appliance

On Premise. Deploy to virtual machines in customer infrastructure

  • Includes all the elements and services necessary for the installation of GlobalSuite® in the customer data center, using a virtual infrastructure already existing in that client
  • Consists of basic infrastructure (no high availability or backups)
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