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GlobalSuite Managed Services®

We are in a landscape of continuous technological advancement and digitization of the business world, with this situation becoming increasingly difficult for companies to be up-to-date and adequate with all regulatory, security and control compliance. For those reasons, our managed services can help you. We provide real solutions to achieve your business objectives, entrust your management to real experts.

DPO | DPD as a Service

We offer you an external DPO service so that your company can cover RPGD compliance with guarantees. Among other functions, the DPO must monitor GDPR compliance, report to senior management, and advise on how it applies regulations to new projects and company processes.

External reporting channel

An external whistleblowing channel management service that can be incorporated into the compliance program adopted by the company. It allows the communication of irregularities, breaches of the code of ethics and legal infractions and establishes an adequate treatment of information in a legal and secure way

Control of your Management System

The implementation, management and maintenance of laws and standards such as ISO Standards is a mandatory requirement in organizations today. Trust in expert hands the management and maintenance of these standards through our services managed in an integral way

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