The GRC solution to optimize risk, security, continuity, auditing and compliance processes in your business



GlobalSUITE® Software

Software solution for ISO, Government, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Security, Continuity, Critical Infrastructures, Legal & Compliance, Risk, GDPR, STANDARDs management systems.

Consulting and Auditing

We have a team of expert consultants that helps you to implement, audit, train, advise to certify and accredit all types of companies and organizations in legal compliance.

Advanced services

Turnkey projects to start working, accompaniment in the development of projects, monitoring and maintenance of customer management systems.

Managed services

Specialists in management services that facilitate the day to day of our clients. We offer solutions such as external DPO/DPD GDPR, external reporting channel or a control service of your management system.

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Our company. GlobalSUITE Solutions

At GlobalSUITE Solutions we are dedicated to providing and implementing solutions in matters of Risks, Security, Continuity, Legal Compliance, Auditing, Privacy among others. We have more than 15 years of experience offering specialized consulting and auditing to companies in multiple sectors such as finance, insurance, industrial, transport, telecommunications, energy, public, etc.

In parallel, we have been developing GlobalSUITE for more than 10 years® our comprehensive software for management systems. We currently provide solutions to companies through the following service lines: software, consulting, auditing, advanced and managed services.

The goal of our organization is to make companies safer and manage their compliance correctly.

GlobalSUITE Manufacturers®

Consulting and auditing experts

Why implement GlobalSUITE®?

GlobalSUITE® Software solves the problems faced by organizations in the operation of their management systems by designing their solutions on 4 pillars:


Find the best solution for your organization
Increase the security of your information

Optimized management and automation so you can focus on what really matters: Keep threats under control.

Discover the potential of your business

Overcome operational and security challenges and simplify compliance management