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GlobalSUITE® is GRC software that helps you optimize processes and reduce risk uncertainty, security, continuity, auditing and compliance to make your organization more secure, resilient, and manage your compliance correctly.

The software aims to optimize the management of your system leaving behind manual methods that reduce the effectiveness of the equipment and dedicate time to what is really important.

Configure custom methodologies, catalogs, and compliance requirements.
Automation to avoid errors and reduce time in processes and tasks.
Complete traceability between managers, analysis, plans, controls, etc.
Monitoring of objectives and indicators for complete monitoring.

Definition of business objectives, corporate strategies and KPIs, DAFO analysis, cost evaluation, detailed visualization by areas and services.


Risk analysis adaptable to any methodology, iresgos assessment, maps and dashboards, treatment plans, questionnaires and unlimited history.


Catalogues with pre-loaded regulations, GAP Analysis, automatic adequacy plans, centralized evidence, comparisons between periods, etc.


Planner of audits and traceability. Team Manager. Integration of audit with risks and compliance. Automatic calculations of audit cycles


Real-time security risk assessment, customization through workflows, decision committees and documented security plans.


It allows you to parameterize incident management with workflows, business impact analysis, test plans, real-time crisis management, among others.

Integration with Power BI

It exploits GlobalSUITE data to the maximum® by making an executive dashboard in a Business Intelligence tool such as PowerBI

Documentary Manager

It allows the control of all the documentation, in different formats, to support the management of the continuity of the company.

Balanced Scorecard

The comprehensive dashboard enables the management and strategic control of the organization through different metrics and indicators.

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The solution at a glance

Thanks to GlobalSUITE’s integrated approach®, the solution’s foundation can be leveraged to grow with the different modules and tools that make up the platform, thereby taking advantage of synergies and corresponding cost and time savings. The platform can be licensed in an integrated form or separately from each of its products.

Adaptable to business growth


Find the best solution for your organization
Increase the security of your information

Optimized management and automation so you can focus on what really matters: Keep threats under control.


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