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Identify, evaluate, and prepare for risks that could disrupt your organization’s operations and goals. GlobalSuite Solutions applications help you plan ahead and manage risk effectively and efficiently to be able to do your job, and in this way, ensure that your organization develops best practices in the field.

ISO 31000
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GlobalSuite® Risk Management

The solution allows you to optimize the management of your risk management system leaving behind manual methods that reduce the effectiveness of the equipment. Our clients start working from day one, without the need to invest time loading compliance catalogs, risk catalogs and controls, methodologies,etc. The software has a number of pre-configured solutions at the global, regional and local levels.

Risk management

We help you with a risk analysis adaptable to any methodology with the possibility of carrying out an assessment of them with risk maps and automatic dashboards.

Customizing parameters

The solution allows to parameterize threats and risks, custom fields in risk analysis, predefined methodology templates, fields for asset valuation, etc.

Risk catalogue

The platform has multiple risk catalogues: Legal, Operational, Reputation, Environmental, ICT, etc. Already loaded and ready to work from day one.

Traceability, monitoring and continuous improvement

The tool is designed to adapt to the changing context of different organizations. In addition, within our catalog of risk management solutions we have more than 15 years of experience offering specialized consulting and auditing for legal and voluntary compliance derived from standards and laws from different countries, as well as international standards of business risks. Our consultants help implement, audit, train, advise to certify and accredit all types of companies and organizations.

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