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Optimize the management of your Corporate Compliance System by monitoring and evaluating the degree of effectiveness of your Compliance Program. GlobalSuite Solutions applications help you make the process as simple as possible, and in this way you can dedicate the time to meet your objectives. Discover our Compliance Management Software.

ISO 37301
UNE 19601
Whistleblowing channel
ISO 19600
ISO 37001
Tax compliance

GlobalSuite® Legal & Compliance

The solution allows you to optimize the management of your corporate compliance system by monitoring and evaluating the degree of effectiveness of your Compliance Program. Our clients start working from day one, without the need to invest time loading compliance catalogs, risk catalogs and controls, methodologies,etc. The software has a number of pre-configured solutions at the global, regional and local levels.

Compliance assessment

The solution enables compliance assessments to view the organization level and get up-to-date reporting. In addition, an automatic collaborative adequacy plan is obtained.

Risk management

We help you with a risk analysis adaptable to any methodology with the possibility of carrying out an assessment of them with risk maps and automatic dashboards.

Management of audits, non-conformities and corrective actions

From the platform you can carry out the management of audits and propagation of non-conformities, perform corrective and preventive actions with configurable workflows.

Continuous management

The tool is designed for monitoring the situation of each requirement, communication with monitoring tools, system documentation. In addition, within our catalog of compliance solutions we have more than 15 years of experience offering specialized consulting and auditing for compliance with data protection laws from different countries. Our consultants help to implement, audit, train all types of companies and organizations.

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