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It allows the audit process to be carried out in an integrated way with the risk management and compliance systems. It does not require a massive risk load since these can be managed through the Risk Managementmodule, thus facilitating the process of planning and executing risk audits with absolute traceability. Likewise, it integrates with the modules ofCompliance, Criminal Compliance, Information Security,Data Protection, Business Continuity, etc., to allow the completion of the respective audits.

Automation of the AuditIng Process
Integration with your management systems
Risk-oriented audit/compliance
Traceability of Audit work
Centralization of evidence
Task optimization
Work paper management
Audit Workflow
Coordination of Audit Teams

Evaluation methodologies

The software adapts to the organization’s audit cycle evaluation methodology to facilitate audit planning, as well as help ensure that the assigned audit teams are adequate and available for the carried out the work.

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Collaborative work between auditors

The platform facilitates the work between audit teams or between different users of the same system, thus allowing to manage the entire audit through the platform without the need to send information or documentation by other means.

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What is auditing and what does it bring to your company?

An audit is a process of verifying the correct compliance of a Management System implemented in an organization. If the execution of the same was to be successful, the corrective actions to be implemented or the necessary improvements would be evaluated.

Audits need a prior history to carry them out. With GlobalSUITE you can evaluate and analyze any standards or regulations that affect organizations. An example is audit ingesting processes integrated with risk management and compliance systems.

GlobalSUITE has absolute integration for its management systems, risk maps and compliance. In addition, it fully automates the model of the three lines of defense, optimizing the process and its internal control.

''Saving time and costs in carrying out the audit work''