Introduction: Mission and Objectives

Integrity and ethical behavior are the pillars on which the activities of AUDISEC, INFORMATION SECURITY, S.L. (hereinafter, AUDISEC) are supported. Only adequate internally implemented and properly exposed externalaction can provide the necessary added value to the company’s stakeholders, and ensure their reputational value.

In addition, recent regulatory changes as well as the reality of the business world advise the implementation of a Code of Ethics and Conduct, which is a reference guide in AUDISEC. A document aimed not only at employees, but at all third parties with which the company has relationships. An internal regulatory framework that allows the verification of ethical compliance, and the communication, where appropriate, of the wrong attitudes, for its review, analysis and correction of compliance.

For the sake of compliance with the amendments to the Penal Code in July 2015, this Code of Ethics is not only a procedure of internal conduct, but one more document in the system of crime prevention that AUDISEC has implemented for this purpose.

At AUDISEC, during all the years of business, the correct performance of the professional activity has been unimpeachable. This Code only reinforces the values of our company, customized in the actions that its employees, managers, directors, suppliers… and in establishing an internal regulatory framework to which everyone must adhere to to continue on the right path to a profitable future