Our purpose is to transform organizations by promoting sustainable and safe growth where ethics and transparency are part of their culture.

Company information

GlobalSuite Solutions is a pioneering GRC solution that automates risk management, ensures regulatory compliance and streamlines processes. In addition, it includes other specialized advisory and consulting services -professional advice on the regulations of each sector, support with software, training, external DPO and other management systems- that add differential values to its proposal: resilience, improvement and long-term consolidation… And of course, the certainty of complying with the regulation.

The brand has a clear technological profile that makes it look to the future and play an active role when making decisions. Their success lies in their vision of change as an opportunity. Thus, more than simply adapting, the brand assumes dynamism asa natural scenario: a business, legislative and economic environment alive and moving.

In turn, it favors this proactivity in its clients,because it enables them to adapt to the environment and improve. GSS maintains an honest relationship with them, fundamental to face risk management. At the same time, it understands that rules and regulations contribute to improving organizations, and in the long run, societies; that is why it remains optimistic, and motivates its customers in the same sense.









Mission and vision

The mission

We are a technology company that offers Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions impacting organizations to manage and control their risks, comply with their rules and regulations and improve their security, helping to make smart decisions that allow them to adapt and progress, e.g.actively and safely engaging with our customers.

The vision

We want to be an international technological benchmark in GRC solutions tailored to each company, being a preferred ally of our customers and partners with a united and highly qualified team that transfers its passion and dedication to each project, guaranteeing shared success and sustainable growth.




Know and comply with the values of GlobalSuite Solutions. We work every day so that our stakeholders see themselves recognized in them from a labor and conciliatory point of view with society.


We face the relationship with our clients in a clear and honestway. We listen to them attentively, we put ourselves in their shoes to understand their needs and we advise them as if it were our company; thus we generate full confidence and total satisfaction.


Our technological profile makes us work with an eye on both the present and what is to come. In a sector like ours, it is not enough to offer good GRC management; it is essential to be one step ahead.


We understand that enthusiasm and passion at work are also differential factors. Luckily, we have a team committed to work, excited to do it better every day and that motivates its customers in the same sense.


We are a cohesive and highly qualified team, with talent and potential, and 100% committed to work. We are passionate about completing each project with the certainty that we have gone as far as possible, ensuring high-quality solutions that bring real added value to our clients.

Services and solutions


Software solution for ISO, Government, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Security, Continuity, Critical Infrastructures, Legal & Compliance, Risk, GDPR, STANDARDs management systems.

Advanced services

Turnkey projects to start working, accompaniment in the development of projects, monitoring and maintenance of the client’s management systems.

Consulting and Auditing

We have a team of expert consultants that helps you to implement, audit, train, advise to certify and accredit all types of companies and organizations in legal compliance.

Managed services

Specialists in management services that facilitate the day to day of our clients. We offer solutions such as external DPO/DPD GDPR, external reporting channel or a control service of your management system.


Our story


Audisec Foundation

Creating the company


First projects

Solutions to the needs of organizations in the field of data protection and information security


Projects management systems

Opening of our office in Madrid and first projects of management systems.



First commercialization of our software.


Arrival in Latin America

Arrival in Latin America
Partner agreements in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, etc.


Consolidated partner channel

Presence in more than 20 countries through our own presence and our partners.


A reference software in Spain

High penetration in the companies that make up the IBEX 35 and leading organizations in their sectors of action.


New LATAM headquarters and European expansion

New headquarters in Mexico and Costa Rica, and presence in Europe.


GSS has the following certifications.


Our customers

We adapt to the needs of our customers and help them improve with the best solution for their company.

They have placed their trust in GlobalSuite® multinational companies and organizations that are among the best valued in their sectors of activity.