Mutua Montañesa

Automation and centralization of risk management with GlobalSUITE®


250 – 500 employees


State Public Sector – Health and Hospital Care




They use GlobalSUITE® to manage COSO, UNE-ISO 31000:2018 and Crime Prevention.


Mutua Montañesa is a Collaborating Entity with the Social Security, constituted as an association of non-profit entrepreneurs, from all areas of economic activity.

Mutua Montañesa fully manages contingencies arising from accidents at work and occupational diseases and economic benefits related to temporary disability due to common contingencies, as well as those other benefits entrusted by the Social Security. Since its foundation in 1905, its commitment is to offer the highest quality of service and optimal advice, managing health in the workplace.

As for its certifications, Mutua Montañesa has a series of certifications and recognitions that demonstrate its commitment to Quality and Excellence. Highlights include the European 500+ Certificate of Excellence, the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate, a criminal compliance management system adapted to the UNE standard 19601:2017 “Criminal Compliance Management Systems”, UNE-ISO 31000:2018 certificate and the Equality In the company Distinction, awarded by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.


“Due to the degree of maturity in risk management, internal control and internal audit, it was necessary to incorporate software that would increase the effectiveness and efficiency in risk management and internal audits, automating the current management. With GlobalSUITE we have been able to put this goal of growth into practice in our company.”

Victor Cagigal Labadie | Director of Audit and Risk Management at Mutua Montañesa

Scope of the project

The GlobalSUITE® implementation project has been carried out with the Audit and Risk Management area of Mutua Montañesa.

The objectives of the project were the Automation and Centralization of mutua Montañesa’s Management Systems, integrating the activities of risk management, internal control and internal audit. All this through the implementation of the GlobalSUITE software.

Next, we review the key elements that were achieved:

  • Improvement in the monitoring of the actions and monitoring of the different processes of Mutua Montañesa.
  • Centralization of information , saving time and facilitating audits and systematic review.
  • Updated information on the situation of Mutua Montañesa, with information on the risks of the processes and action plans undertaken.
  • Preparation of reports corresponding to the three management areas (risk maps, internal control and audit), as well as differentiated vision for corporate risks and criminal risks (contained in the “Crime Prevention Plan”).
  • Global and optimized vision of what happens in a single platform.


“The GlobalSUITE Solutions team has fulfilled the objective of the project by accompanying us from the beginning. Today we use the solution in our day to day and we have noticed the savings of work, the follow-up of the “audit recommendations” and the action plans”

Cristian Bringas bridge | Internal Auditor at Mutua Montañesa

Key points of the project and solution

The GlobalSUITE Solutions team helped meet the key requirements of the project:

  • Support in the parameterization and configuration to structure the appropriate methodology of Risk Analysis, Management of Controls and action plans, Recommendations, and Audits in GlobalSUITE®.
  • Training for the transfer of knowledge to the Mutua Montañesa team with the aim of being able to implement its Risk Management, Internal Control and Internal Audit system.
  • Download a multitude of reports and graphs with the results obtained in risk analysis, action plans, audits, etc.
  • Preparation of specialized reports through PowerBI, with the aim of extracting valuable information to support decision making.

To meet the objectives of the project, the different training and knowledge transfer sessions adapted to the particular needs of Mutua Montañesa were carried out.

To complete the project, Mutua Montañesa activated the mechanisms for those responsible for the Process to update the information directly about GlobalSUITE®, relying on the solution for the daily management of their activities with a satisfactory result avoiding duplication of tasks and information silos.

Likewise, GlobalSUITE® allows the download of several types of reports different from the results obtained in the risk analysis, graphs, audits, etc., thus facilitating the work prior to the certification audit and also the support throughout the processes of the ISO 31000 certification audit.