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This course is designed for users who have extensive knowledge in risk and compliance management, business continuity and/or disaster recovery, and the audit program with GlobalSUITE® (Risk ManagmenentModules, Compliance Management, Business Continuity and Audit Management). To access this course you must count the certifications: GlobalSUITE® Consultant, GlobalSUITE® Consultant & Continuity, GlobalSUITE® Consultant & Audit

Once the course is complete you will have a high level of understanding of the indicated GlobalSUITE modules®. This is a course includes a theoretical part of the tool, case study and final exam to obtain the certificate.

Participants must choose from the dates available below.

  • Home: Coming | 8 hours | Online course | Theoretical and practical

Course cost and certification exam:

  • Europe: €600
  • Rest of the world: $750

Course Structure

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GlobalSUITE® Expert

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