ISO 9001 Quality Management
Optimize the management of your Quality Management System by Centralizing and Monitoring all information and Processes.

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GlobalSuite® software facilitates the implementation, management and maintenance of Management Systems in organizations based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, PDCA, etc.

Implementa los requisitos que establecen los estándares de mejora continua tanto de manera individual como de manera integrada, reutilizando de esta forma la información de cada uno de los sistemas.

Plot and monitor the degree of adequacy and compliance of ISO 9001
Centralize all documentation, risks and controls
Automate all manual tasks of updating, maintaining, creating reports and dashboards
Implement and manage different management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and ISO 45001, among others)


Start of the project

It allows you to define the scope, objectives and goals that the organization wants and the general requirements to carry out the project.

Documentary Manager

It allows the control of all documentation, policies, version control and meeting minutes for review by management.

Integration with Systems

Review of systems and control of design, purchases and contracts, non-conformities, etc. Includes audits and corrective and preventive actions.

Specific processes

Identification, control and assessment of risks, supervision of professionals, prevention and protection measures, environmental aspects, data analysis, traceability, etc.

Balanced Scorecard

GlobalSuite’s balanced scorecard® enables the management and strategic control of the organization/business group through different metrics and indicators.

Training plans

It allows to carry out training plans on the software, awareness in quality and environment, professional competence between users and professionals of the organization.

Integration with Power BI

Make the most of GlobalSuite data® by performing an executive dashboard in a Business Intelligence tool such as Power BI.

Project coordination

Enables control of specific work teams, track the project, and visualize project overall status statistics.

Ticketing and Management

A module that allows you to manage the incidents of your organization, as well as non-conformities, corrective and preventive actions, etc.

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Consultancy and Audit ing ISO 9001

Are you interested in increasing the efficiency of your processes?

From GlobalSuite Solutions we offer you a practical and simple approach to the implementation of the ISO 9001 standard, making the ISO 9001 Quality Management System a tool for improvement, both internally and for your customers, responding to the specific needs of your processes.

“We help you ensure the establishment of an adequate quality plan”

Defining the scope of the quality plan is the starting point for a correct implementation of the Quality Management System.

  • Determine the needs of the organization.
  • Specify the objectives.
  • Define the scope of the plan.
  • Structuring the plan.
  • Execution of the same
  • Review of the plan to implement the detected improvements in the processes.

The implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System in your organization has the following benefits:

  • Reduce risks and preventatively manage them.
  • Save on costs.
  • Detect improvements.
  • Manage adverse situations, ensuring quality and reducing the impact on activities.
  • Improve competitiveness in the market.
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Reduce the risk of possible economic sanctions.

After the process of implementing the Quality System Management System, GlobalSuite Solutions accompanies you in the process of review and maintenance, both preventive and corrective, and especially in the improvement and evolution of the SG.

ISO/IEC 9001:2015 describes the requirements for quality management preparation, and provides a framework of methods and processes to identify and specify all aspects in order to improve organizations by ensuring quality. The scope of the standard covers events and incidents that by their frequency could have an impact on the organization, being able to stop some or all of its production processes.

With its implementation you will gain in internal efficiency in all the activities related to the services offered by your organization and, consequently, will improve in a significant way in efficiency and image.

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The solution at a glance
Thanks to the integrated approach of GlobalSuite®, you can take advantage of the foundation of the solution to grow with the different modules and tools that make up the platform, and thus take advantage of the synergies and the corresponding savings in costs and time. The platform can be licensed in an integrated form or separately from each of its products.
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