Banco Guayaquil


Founded in 1923

One of the main banks in Ecuador, whose parent town is located in the city of Guayaquil

More than 2000 employees First private financial institution in the country to achieve ISO 22301 certification

More than 11,000 points of attention throughout Ecuador






They use GlobalSuite® to centrally manage their ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 systems

Global vision of management systems in a single platform


Banco Guayaquil is a financial institution that began its activities in December 1923 and is today one of the most solid banks in Ecuador. Banco Guayaquil is one of the largest banks in Ecuador. It has a network of more than 11,000 service points nationwide. It is a people-to-people business, delivering a wide range of banking services such as corporate banking, personal banking, private banking and transactional banking.

In 2021, Banco Guayaquil becomes the first private financial institution in Ecuador to obtain the certification of the ISO 22301 standard, certification of the Business Continuity Management System, a certificate that adds to the already achieved ISO 27001 Information Security.

Scope of the project

The GlobalSuite® implementation project has been carried out with the areas of Security and Business Continuity at Banco Guayaquil.

The objectives of the project lay in the Automation and Centralization of Management Systems. To do this, they implemented the GlobalSuite® software, initially in the area of Information Security, in 2018. Subsequently, at the beginning of 2020, the Risk area was added, specifically Business Continuity, with the aim of aligning its information to the requirements of ISO 22301, and thus be certified in said regulations.


“The flexibility offered by GlobalSuite® has helped us in the implementation of our methodology”

Karol Hidalgo Verdesoto | Integral Risk Manager at Banco Guayaquil

Key points of the project and solution

These were some of the most important requirements that were carried out for the achievement and development of the needs
project details:

  • Training for knowledge transfer
  • Support in parameterization and configuration
  • Integrating GlobalSuite® with your live directory
  • Reporting

To meet the objectives of the project, the different training and knowledge transfer sessions were carried out adapted to the particular needs of Banco Guayaquil, in such a way that its implementation and route made ISO 22301 certification It was easier while agile, thus being able to reduce the time invested in certain actions, thanks to the facilities offered by the software.

Likewise, GlobalSuite® allows the download of several types of reports other than the results obtained in the risk analysis, graphs, audits, etc., thus facilitating the work prior to the certification audit and also the support throughout the processes of the ISO 22301 certification audit.


“The transfer of knowledge to the Banco Guayaquil team was carried out in an agile way and the implementation times were reduced”

Karol Hidalgo Verdesoto | Integral Risk Manager at Banco Guayaquil