Balanced Scorecard
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The balanced scorecard software of our software has a module for the management of integral or balanced scorecard, used in organizations that want to manage, control and continuously improve their strategic objectives.

Design your organization’s strategy
Present the results of your analysis with different types of graphs
Evaluate your goals and measure their performance at a glance
Work with industry best practices with predefined metric and indicator catalogs


Business goals

It allows you to define the highest level objectives of the organization, as well as its tracking and group the objectives by business perspectives.

Specific Goals

The tool allows you to define the specific objectives of the organization derived from the business objectives, as well as their follow-up.

Metrics Management

Enables the definition of automatic or manual metrics and then be able to view them in the automatic metrics catalog.

Indicator Management

The tool allows you to define the indicators for each specific objective that the organization has previously entered in the system.

Visual Strategic Map

Graphical and visual representation of the state of the organization’s business objectives through a strategic map.

Automatic indicators

The tool has pre-defined catalogs of indicators and metrics obtained automatically from the application.

Integration with Power BI

Make the most of GlobalSuite® data by creating an executive dashboard in a Business Intelligence tool like PowerBI


It allows you to evaluate both the established business objectives and the specific objectives and indicators.

Reports and reporting

Creation of situation reports and report to the different members who make up the team.

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Balanced ScoreCard

The Balanced ScoreCard is a business management tool that continuously displays a company’s business processes and when it achieves the objectives defined in its strategic plans. In addition, this platform helps us to detect possible deviations in the objectives and control the processes so that if it is necessary to re-conduct that situation.

Additionally, this data broken down in the Balanced Scorecard provides organization management with an easy global look at business performance, offering measurement and improvement for their processes through a series of indicators and metrics.

GlobalSuite® offers the possibility to configure the visual strategy map and has continuous reporting and reporting for senior management.

‘Saving time and costs in carrying out audit work’

Through the continuous improvement cycle (PDCA cycle) you can analyze, manage and monitor all those risk situations that can affect your company.

Following further the recommendations of the international ISO 31000 risk management standard, the Cyberrisk Management Service includes in its implementation the cycle of continuous improvement (PDCA cycle) that manages to analyze, manage and monitor all those cyber risk situations that can affect your organization.

Among the main benefits of an implementation of a Cyber Risk System, we can highlight the following:

  • Improves the identification of opportunities and threats.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Increased security and confidence that helps in loss prevention and incident management.
  • Decreased losses.
  • Improves efficiency and operational efficiency
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Thanks to the integrated approach of GlobalSuite®, you can take advantage of the foundation of the solution to grow with the different modules and tools that make up the platform, and thus take advantage of the synergies and the corresponding savings in costs and time. The platform can be licensed in an integrated form or separately from each of its products.
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