Advanced services

GlobalSUITE Advanced Services®

Turnkey projects

The customer receives an optimized environment, with its framework already configured, ready to get started.

Accompaniment throughout the project

Our team of experienced experts (technical and consulting) accompanies in the development of projects to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Advanced training at GlobalSUITE®

The client has training courses aimed at deepening knowledge about the software and the different modules.

Monitoring and maintenance

Access and control of the monitoring of remote management systems. Making updates, modifications, installations, etc.


Phases of the implementation project

With our team of professionals and the software GlobalSUITE we facilitate a correct management in the implementation, centralization, automation, monitoring and traceability of your management system.

Kick off of the project
Parameterization and configuration
Data upload / Migration
Training and accompaniment
Support and maintenance


Common challenges

SOLUTION : We offer you the Security 100 that the company is complying with the regulations implemented.
SOLUTION: Our team ensures fluidity and speed between interdepartmental management.
SOLUTION: With the centralization of the files in the GlobalSUITE tool you will get a reduction in working time.

SOLUTION: Information available and easy reporting the situation with the migration of documentation and working methodologies to GlobalSUITE.

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