Updating and adapting risk management




  • Industry: Rail Transport
  • Size: + than 14,000 employees
  • Zone: Spain
  • Products: GlobalSuite® Risk Management, Training and Parameterization
  • Main Regulations: General Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance

Grupo RENFE is the main railway operator in Spain. It is the main company in the railway sector responsible for providing the passenger and freight transport service. With 5,000 trains running every day in Spain, more than 500 million passengers a year, more than 14,000 employees committed to their work and the most outstanding indices of punctuality, quality and satisfaction.

As for its certifications, Renfe Group has a series of certifications and recognitions that demonstrate its commitment to quality and efficiency in the provision of the service. Highlights an Integrated Management System, based on international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 , as well as the will to comply with the values required by society in relation to ethics, transparency and strict observance of legality with the approval in 2018 of a “Regulatory Compliance and Criminal Regulatory Compliance Policy (Compliance)” and an Organizational and Management Model for the Prevention of Criminal Offenses of Legal Entities (Compliance).

These works are framed in the field of Good Corporate Governance of the Renfe Group , compliance with various regulations and certification requirements, and in the search for continuous improvement.

Challenges and scope of the project

The GlobalSuite® implementation project has been carried out with the Business Risk Management area of the Renfe Group.

The objectives of the project were to update and adapt GlobalSuite® to the integral risk management in RENFE Group, to align with the “Risk Management System” by process that the organization has been undertaking in recent times.

The “Risk Management System” of the Renfe Group establishes the general framework of action to carry out the control and management of business risks. It seeks to achieve an environment where there is the ability to work with risks in a controlled manner, actively managing them and taking advantage of new opportunities.


“Due to the implementation of risk management and compliance processes, and given the large size of the company and the diversity of activities, it was necessary to incorporate software that would increase the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management.”

Diego Molero Alonso
Director of Internal Audit, Compliance and Business Risks


The GlobalSuite Solutions team helped meet the key requirements of the project:

  • Support in the parameterization and configuration to structure the appropriate methodology of Risk Analysis, Control Management and action plans.
  • Modeling of Surveys for the different responsible for the processes, in order to distribute the responsibility of updating data.
  • Training for the transfer of knowledge to the Renfe Group team, with the aim of being able to implement its Process-oriented Risk Management system in GlobalSUITE®.
  • Specific training for all areas, through sessions with few attendees to promote closeness and ease of learning, also highlighting the validity of the model for the Renfe Group.

To meet the objectives of the project, the different training and knowledge transfer sessions adapted to the particular needs of the Renfe Group were carried out (both remotely and in person), in such a way that Implementation and travel to facilitate software deployment while agile, thus being able to reduce the time invested in certain actions, thanks to the facilities offered by GlobalSuite®.

Finally, as a culmination of the project, Renfe Group activated the mechanisms for Process Managers to update information directly on GlobalSuite® through the Surveys, relying on the tool for the daily management of their activities with a satisfactory result.


Next, we review the most important points that were achieved:

  • Improvement in the monitoring of the actions and monitoring of the different processes of the Renfe Group, allowing the identification, evaluation, assessment and mitigation of the different risks.
  • Centralization of information facilitating audits and systematic review.
  • Updated information on the risk situation in the Renfe Group, with disaggregated information on the risks of the processes and action plans carried out.
  • Preparation of differentiated reports for both risk management by process and for risk management at a global level.
  • Distribution of responsibilities among those responsible for the processes, through the Surveys and the segregated accesses to the platform.

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