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We transform change into an opportunity

GlobalSuite Solutions was born with the aim of helping organizations comply with regulations and optimize their processes. All this through a pioneering GRC solution and other specialized advisory and consulting services that have added differential values along the way: resilience, continuous improvement and long-term consolidation.

In this time and with our technological profile we wanted to look to the future and play an active role in how companies make their decisions. However, to be an international benchmark we needed a change. For that reason, as we grew we found the concept to lay the foundations on which to build our new identity. We saw that the success of GlobalSuite Solutions lies in its vision of change as an opportunity.

The road traveled

Throughout the year 2021 we have tackled a transversal project in the company to renew the brand of an internationally recognized company. In these months we spent time understandinghow our customers and ourselves perceive ourselves and what they expect from each of us,and thanks to that work we were able to consolidate the definition of our mission and vision.

“We are a company that offers a software of integral solutions of Governance, Risk and Compliance. We have the knowledge, the means and the motivation to continue advancing and being increasingly competitive, in the sector and with our clients.

We make our clients understand that management based on a GRC strategy is in the best hands. We help them make smart decisions that allow them to adapt and progress, participating actively and safely.”

With this work we realized that we want to be an international technological reference in GRC software and solutions tailored to each business. And above all, we want to make our customers see that we are their allies in a dynamic market that is full of continuous opportunities to progress and be more competitive.

Defining the identity of GlobalSuite Solutions

At the beginning of this rebranding exercise we were at a turning point in our brand cycle and were looking for new opportunities to address the future. Antonio Quevedo,our CEO and founder of the company, has been one of the main parts of this project because of how the company lives and his passion for innovation. He understands GlobalSuite Solutions as a place where people are the fundamental element to grow the brand.

The objective was to make a qualitative and quantitative leap of the brand, and above all to transmit a fresh, agile, professional, young and intelligent image, so that it represented the people who make up GSS.

To address the project we took into account Marty Neumeier,when he states that “A brand is not a logo, nor a product, nor an identity. It is the perception that a person has about a product, service or organization.”

So we work to differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering security, reliability, agility, dynamism and our innovation so that users feel identified with the brand.


A total change

The main color of our new brand is Neon Blue. A color that combines innovation, with an eye on both the present and what is to come, but also on knowledge and experience, the result of our high qualification and long history. It represents how we show ourselves to the world.

On the other hand, we have two secondary colors that stand out from the rest. One is the Aquamarine and the Dark Blue Gray. They are perfect to highlight the passion and honesty, but also the quality and professionalism that we offer in each project showing the certainty of having come as far as possible.


A topical visual identity

In GlobalSuite Solutions we pay special attention to people, such as the teams in our organization that are committed to work, excited to do better every day and that motivate customers in the same sense. They are scenes in which people are easily identified.


Also, to enrich the visual identity and make it more recognizable, GlobalSuite Solutions has a system of construction of graphic elements from the different combinations of a series of basic pieces in one or two colors, which are added to the images creating very recognizable compositions and that provide differentiation and identity to the brand.

These base parts and their combinations represent the flexibility and possibilities of the solutions we offer to our customers through:

  • Open combinations
  • Closed combinations
  • Patterns

These combinations seek the union of elements to generate a “path” to success.

GlobalSuite® What is different in the interface?

Next week we will carry out the update of the GlobalSuite interface®.

This update focuses mainly on the aesthetic part of the GlobalSuite interface®, more modern, visual elements have been improved when displaying information and now there is more effective use of screen space

A header menu has changed with our new main color, Neon Blue,which improves visibility and focuses the user’s attention on the main navigation options (Home, Home, Analysis, etc.)

On the other hand, in the menu on the left you now have the Dark blue color that reflects quality and professionalism, we also simplify the icons to a single color so that navigation and attention is greater, making it easier for the user to complete the tasks more efficiently and intuitively.

On the main pages of each section (home, home, analysis …) a visual module has been created for quick access to the main options that helps navigability and the user quickly visualizes the option they want to access. We have also unified the fonts of the tool with our new Poppins typography. This font makes the screen attractive and very easy to read.

A brand in permanent evolution

From the beginning of the project we already knew that the brand would be in constant evolution and in permanent mutability. We transform change into opportunity,and that is why our company will continue to work based on Innovation, Honesty, Passion, Quality and Knowledge to help companies in risk management, information security, business continuity, regulatory compliance and the protection of their data.

As of today, December 16, we make public the launch of the new brand. However, from GlobalSuite Solutions we will carry out a progressive deployment of our new identity, which will include changes in the software and all associated services during the coming weeks.

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