Course co-financed by the Advanced Training Programme for SME workers.
Audisec participates in the project “QUALITY MANAGEMENT OF TI-ISO/IEC 20000 SERVICES” (TSI-010102-2011-80) co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.
The project aims to train 200 students. A training plan that will provide ICT professionals in SMEs with the theoretical and practical foundations and knowledge for the implementation and maintenance of IT service management systems under the ISO 20000 standard in the enterprise.
Mode: Remote (e-Learning).
Duration: 250 hours.
Completion: December 2012
• Information Security, Process Improvement and Service Management Consultants.
• Directors, consultants and staff of quality and environmental departments who wish to direct their management systems to IT Services Management.
• People from the ITIL and service management sector.
• Any technology professional who wants to expand their knowledge on IT service management.
• Only graduates who want to train in all the disciplines necessary to be competitive in Information Security within organizations.
• Heads of Technical Departments.
This Training Plan is aimed at both Professionals in the Information and Communications Technologies Sector as well as Professional Services in the field of Consulting, especially students from sectors:
• SERVICES. ICTs applied to this type of activity can multiply by “N” their scope and effectiveness in business.
• CONSULTING. Consultants can expand their service catalog by offering their customers new management systems by equally expanding their business.
• TECHNOLOGIES. Information technology-based companies that want to manage their services optimally.

• The main objective of the course is to make the student aware of the fundamentals and theoretical and practical knowledge on the implementation and maintenance of information technology service management systems under the ISO 20000 standard through a study in depth of it.
• The program will train the student from a practical vision that will allow them to face IT service management projects in their organization or to their customers by providing them with solutions appropriate to their requirements and needs.
• Through the delivery of the different modules that make up the course “QUALITY MANAGEMENT OF TI-ISO/IEC 20000 SERVICES”, the following objectives are achieved:
• In-depth know the clauses that make up ISO 20000.
• Know and develop each of the processes that make up ISO 20000.
• Identify the main differences between ISO 20000 and ITIL.
• To know and develop each of the phases that make up an Information Technology Services Management System (SGSTI).
• Develop solutions adapted to the needs of the organization for the implementation of the phases of an SGSTI.
• Define and apply techniques for the continuous improvement of IT service management systems.
• Define policies, standards and procedures in accordance with ISO 20000 for the management of the system and its processes.
• Apply the most appropriate solutions to each company for the implementation of management processes according to the ISO 20000 standard.
• Know and apply the audit process as an essential phase for the continuous improvement of IT service management systems.
• Develop a project for the implementation of IT services management in the SME.
• What is it and what advantages does the implementation of isO 20000 bring?
• How do I align my SGSTI’s objectives with my organization’s strategic goals?
• What are the requirements of each process and how can they be implemented in an organization?
• What tools are available for ISO 20000 management?
• How can I integrate SGSTI with other management systems?
• How should processes be interrelated?
• How do I implement the processes established in ISO 20000 optimally and adapted to the needs of my organization?
• What step should I take to perform the internal audit?
• How can I maintain my IT service management system by continuously providing continuous improvement to my organization?
• What advantages do I get by certifying my SGSTI in ISO 20000?
• Students who complete all courses and meet the minimum requirements established will obtain the Title of “Expert Implanter of IT Services Management Systems under ISO 20000” issued by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.
• In order to develop the Project we have a team of teachers who are experts in the field and experienced to develop the training plan.
• The delivery of the training actions is carried out in e-learning mode, based on an active and participatory methodology, supported by a constant tutorial action throughout the learning process of the student.
• A work plan is defined in which case studies, self-assessment questionnaires, development activities, laboratories, videos, webcast, etc. are combined. The student has at his disposal channels of asynchronous communication in which doubts are raised, guidance is given and knowledge and experiences are shared.