SPICE Consulting and Auditing – ISO 15004

Have you evaluated the maturity and capacity of your software development process?

The software development processes evaluated with ISO 15504 are contained in ISO/IEC 12207. This standard contains a set of processes that span the entire cycle of a software project, from defining a project to delivering and closing it.

Our team has more than 15 years of experience and is formed by:


  • Lawyers and engineers
  • Lead Auditor, ISO 27001, ISO 20000,ISO 22301, Lead Implementer.
  • DPD Certification
  • PMP, ITIL, CDPP, COBIT 5 Foundations

Our SPICE service allows you to establish a common work policy in your software development department

The phases of the SPICE project are:

  • Initial evaluation.
  • Process development.
  • Applying processes in your company’s software projects.
  • Final evaluation.
  • Certification (if your company wishes)

Among the main benefits of an implementation we can highlight the following:

  • Recognition in the market, being a differentiating factor in the face of its competition.
  • Increases customer satisfaction.
  • Internal improvement of your company:
    • Implementation of a methodology common to all areas.
    • Control of all phases and management areas of a software project.
    • Detect and correct possible failures at each stage of a project.
    • Increased project benefits.

In short, the implementation of SPICE in your company land will allow to address any type of software project following common guidelines in all ofthem.

The certification is based on 6 levels of maturity. Each level requires a number of requirements for a given process group to meet. For example, level 2 of maturity includes 10 processes and level 3 includes 21 ISO 12207 processes.

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What is ISO 15504 SPICE and what does it bring to your company?

ISO IEC 15504 defines a process evaluation model. It is an international standard that allows to evaluate the capacity and maturity of the software processes of an organization.

From GlobalSUITE we conceived the implementation of ISO 15504 – SPICE as a competitive and strategic element, especially in software factories, where the core of the business is such development and its exploitation. Having a framework that streamlines those development processes and improves the quality of the final product makes your organization more competitive.

''The implementation of SPICE allows to gradually improve the quality of software projects''